Monday, December 1, 2014

1UP Upcycled Bag

As you may well know (or not)
I have 2 kids...
a daughter (oldest) and a son.

 This son of mine LOVES his older sister,
it's a regular case of "Monkey See, Monkey Do around here.

A while ago, Miss Morgan got into bags.
She sees me carry around at least 2 most times...
so who could blame her, really?

Will requested a bag and who was I to say no?

Originally, I had tried all sorts of Glow in the Dark
fabric markers and paint so our 1up Bag could have a little oomph.

As you can see...

The result wasn't pretty.

So, I went over it with regular white acrylic.
Much better!

Next it needed a Messenger Bag sized strap,
so I found a super long Green Zipper I'd liberated from
I don't really remember what clothes I took it from and what 
got made from whatever it was.

Shame on me!

I love the trick of sewing around the Zipper Teeth so the Pull
stops where you want it to!

I attached the zipper to the bag's existing strap ends
where I cut.
(Making sure to fold in the raw edges)

I then outlined in Black Gel Fabric Pen and
gave the little guy some eyes.

And now my little guy can carry around whatever
his little heart desires.

Everyone needs a Bag of Holding!


  1. Love your bag. Very cute. Did you go back and paint the acrylic with the glow in the dark paint to achieve the oomph effect?

  2. love how you used a zipper for the strap, you clever thing you!


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