Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Foxy Sharpie Mug!

Insert catcall here!
So foxy!

This saucy mug was made for Jillybeans 
in the Enchanted Forest/Woodland Swap.

Good old Oil Based Sharpies again...

But lately I've been Stamping my letters.

I've used the ink that came with the stamps,
but I think I need to let the stamp in dry completely
before going over with
the Sharpie.

I believe the ink and Sharpie may have melded making for 
a 2-toned effect.

I was fine with it here...I think it gives some depth.
But, I don't think it would be appropriate in every case.

Speaking of appropriate...

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  1. this mug made me laugh out loud. actually laugh, out loud!
    stop being so awesome!


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