Monday, December 15, 2014

Game of Thrones Wall Art

I'm not really one for the medium of Acrylic Paint...
But when IsikkahJai requested some Wall Art
for the GOT Swap, I though I'd give gradation a whirl. 

There's a spot in the yellow I could live without...
But the phrase is one from the Dothraki Book of Endearments.

There's no such book,
it wouldn't be more than a pamphlet. 
Maybe, an index card.

The Dothraki are a hard people.

As and Extra I gave my partner a little jar for her Dragonglass!
(I'd bought little Obsidian Stones)

The label says
"Use in case of...Others"

Unfortunately, the glass jar broke en route.
At least the Dragonglass is made of stronger stuff!

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  1. ha! dothraki book of endearments... that cracked me up!


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