Monday, December 8, 2014

GOT Dragonscale Gloves!

Does the  Mother of Dragons get cold?
Probably not cold enough for full on mittens,
but sometimes her wrist may get a bit chilly...

(And if what I hope happens in the future, she'll be
flying those Dragons to the Wall and it's crazy cold up there!)

Here are some Fingerless Gloves based on her Dragon Rhaegal.

Behold, the Glory that is Rhaegal!

The Details:
I hooked these up for my partner in the Game of Thrones Swap, IsikkahJai.
The pattern was kind of whipped up by me after a LOT of
trial and error.
I didn't write it down...
I think I was just happy to have them done.
(I kept on getting the thumb on the wrong side)

All yarn is from my stash. 
I think the Green is DK weight?

The use of the Crocodile Stitch was what cinched this 
as a definite make after learning it for the Pixie Hat I'd just made. 

For the Bronze Scale effect:
I had some ribbon-ish novelty "yarn" and I just
weaved it through the Crocodile Stitch rows at their base.
I like the effect of them just peeking through.

Just for cuteness sake, 
here are the Dragons as little babies.

(Until she utters...Dracarys.)

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  1. these turned out great! i love the hint of shine peeping through.


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