Monday, April 14, 2014

This Cowl...Rules!

 When making Teacher's presents for Christmas I 
really wanted to mimic "Ruled Paper" in some way.
I ended up making tote bags (as seen in this post)
which all the teachers loved.

But before I settled on the bags, I first tried to make
Mrs. Wittenberg a ruled scarf!

As Christmas got closer, the more realistic I became about 
finishing the scarf...

So, I casted off and created a cowl for Morgan!


She hasn't seemed to be a big fan of scarves this year, I'm thinking
she's sick of them getting in her way.

I'll always switch back and forth between cowls and scarves.
Sometimes you feel like a nut,
Sometimes you don't.

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  1. the cowl is perfect for miss morgie - who also rules!!!


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