Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Boondock Saints Hoopla!

Made for Spikefan in the Geeky Christmas Swap!
Boondock Saints was one of her inspired fandom suggestions.
I happen to love this movie.

Our two heroes, which are also brothers, are bickering about 
what to take to a massive showdown.
Guns, check.
Knives, check.
Charlie Bronson never is without one!

Celtic Knots, as much as I love them, make my eyes all googly!

If you haven't seen this movie I suggest you check it out...
(A young Daryl Dixon never hurts.)
If you're squeamish of cursing, Irish accents, or some violence
you may want to watch through a thin blankie.

Here's the clip this quote is from:


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  1. i've never seen this movie (judge away if you must...)
    but i love love love the embroidering on that celtic knot!


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