Thursday, April 17, 2014

Tea Swap Crochet!

Did some fun crochet for Donniesgirl in the I <3 Tea swap recently...

A Cup Cozy.
And look, it has its own tea bag tag!

I used the "Cup of Tea" Coffee Mug Cozy with Non-Slip Backing
by Rhonda Greene on ravelry. ((Here's the rav link)
I didn't do the Non-Slip Backing bit.

Also Hooked up were a trio of Granny Square Dishcloths.

Made out of Dishcloth Cotton...of course.

My hooky friend, Barb, once commented in passing she likes to 
crochet dishcloths instead of knit. That the looser stitches allow for 
better air drying and less moldy smell.

I'm agreeing with her on this point!
I just get irritated when I have this lovely soft handmade cloth and within weeks
it seems to stiffen up and stink!

Also, Borax helps heaps with this. (wink)

To send some tea bags for my swap partner I
didn't want to use just any zippy bag,
so I tarted them up a bit.

One of her favorite movies is Sixteen Candles.
I am a fan too, being an 80's kid...totally!

I just printed out an image small enough to fit in the bag,
then traced over with Sharpies.

Its a very subtle effect unless you have a white background like my bedspread here.

PS: This movie rules. If you've ever been a teenager or have an
ounce of humor in you...reminisce with me, won't you?

Farmer Ted, FTW!


  1. Such a cute cozy :) I love the idea of granny square dishcloths too - they'd make doing the dishes a bit prettier too x

  2. i always do a hot vinegar soak before washing my kitchen rags/dishcloths. they never smell.
    ever! :)

    i'm digging the sixteen candles ziplocks... but i too love that movie!


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