Sunday, April 20, 2014

Walking Dead Diorama!

Dioramas are really fun.
I'd never even thought to make one until Spikefan suggested one in her
questionnaire for the Geeky Christmas Swap.
She also suggested "The Walking Dead" and stated
that Daryl Dixon and Michonne were her favorites.

I'm a sucker for the show Walking Dead and all things Daryl and Michonne!

I tried to stagger the papers for depth...
For a first attempt, I'm pretty okay with this.

Pencil sketching was used for the warriors detail,
Sharpies for yonder walkers.

What will become of our heroes in Terminus?
This is an issue for me as I invest WAY too much in the 
TV shows I love. 
It's escapism...totally.

And I love a good escape!

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  1. michonne's ass is still as hot as the day you drew it!
    stop being so awesome!


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