Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Tablecloth Infinity Scarf!

This unbelievably soft Infinity Scarf was sewn together 
for SonjaBoo in the recent I <3 Sunshine Swap.

A long, long time ago in a Thrift Store not so far away
I purchased a Tablecloth that I kept in my fabric stash.

In the stash, the Tablecloth learned the ways of the 
force, knowing that one day it would be called upon to 
become something more.

A Protector.

The Tablecloth had been gifted with softness of linen and 
colors of plaid neutrals.
(Side...could def use in my Hufflepuff cosplay)

I'd sewn one up for myself last year and, being tablecloth size, still had 
a great deal of the fabric in my stash.
The yellow fit the color criteria for the swap in a nice
subtle SonjaBoo got to have one too!

Here's a link to the whole swap gallery (Sunshiny Goodness!)

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  1. very sunshiney indeed!! i love the texture of that fabric!


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