Monday, April 28, 2014

Superman Blanket!

In late winter 2014 a Hero was born.
When blasted across the universe in your own personal
Krypton Ice Pod of Comfort...

You're gonna need a SUPERBLANKIE!

My friends The Bottners had a cute little baby boy this year and
sometimes I can't let that go without geeking it up a bit.
Especially when said Bottners appreciate such things.
(See The Shower Gifts I made for the Bottner Baby)


The pattern used was from Ravelry:
Hero Cloth by Amy-lynne Mitchell.
In the pattern, it's supposed to be a dishcloth...
I figured why not knit a few together and the rest went

I've found myself not knitting as much as I used to.
I find this sad in a way as knitting was what brought me back 
to my crafting obsession.

I love knitting and how elegant it can be.
It brings me closer to my Grandmother.
Knitting also is pretty impressive when you break it down:
just the simple wrapping of a simple string around two
simple sticks can produce the most amazing things!

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  1. this turned out... wait for it... super duper!!!


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