Friday, April 25, 2014

Army of Darkness Lanyard!

THIS is my Boom-Lanyard!
GrindhouseHussy19 was my partner in the recent Frozen Swap 
on Craftster and this was a little extra I included.

If you're not familiar with Army of Darkness,
it's one of the most quotable movies ever!

A Lanyard is what GrindHouse asked for and 
a killer Lanyard she got. (wink)


Another delving into items I've never attempted. 
I found a great tutorial over at Cold Hand Warm Heart (Lanyard tutorial link)
and made a few alterations to it for my lack of skill level.

So many quotes to choose from, I decided to 
include my favorites.

"Well, Hello Mr. Fancypants" being something I say 
at least on a weekly basis...

This movie is ingrained in me...
Bruce Campbell is a god!


Shop Smart, Shop S-Mart!

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