Monday, April 7, 2014

Elsa Frozen Hoopla!

I'd signed up for the Frozen Swap on Craftster and
I knew Miss Morgan was going to be a bit miffed I was making all
this cool Anna and Elsa stuff for someone she didn't know.

I decided before we got partners to stitch up her own Elsa Hoopla!

I got to utilize some not so constantly used thread 
like the silver metallic...


Miss Morgan chose for her hair to glow 
(Rupunzel *is* Elsa's cousin after all)
So she wanted everyone to know...

Translation: Hair is the only glow in the dark thing

As predicted, Frozen took over our house in a big way.
I've even caught my son singing the songs.
Elsa's his favorite too.

This hoop was recently featured on Craft Gossip!!!
Holy Moly here's the link!

Thanks Pam aka kittykill for the amazing write-up!

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  1. this turned out fabulously!
    now i want glow in the dark hair too!


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