Friday, October 25, 2013

Stupefy Hoopla!

Here was a fun little Hoopla I did for the "Return To Hogwarts" Swap on Craftster.

Both she and I chose "Stupefy" as our favorite spell. 
I'm not sure how well the picture shows but those are french knots making up the letters.
Metallic Silver Thread French Knots!

While not the biggest fan of Metallic Embroidery Thread,
I think I loved using the knots for it.
I finally didn't have to stress about the thread twisting up on me! 

What's your favorite Potterverse Spell?

1 comment:

  1. (a) i still can't believe you did all those french knots in that metallic thread... your dedication to your craft amazes me!

    (b) expelliarmus is my favorite spell to yell

    (c) acio is the spell i wish i could use. because i'm lazy.


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