Sunday, October 27, 2013

Doctor Who Painted Shoes!

Oh My Whovian Goodness, I painted a pair of shoes!

This pair was for my partner in the Doctor Who Swap: Round 9 on Craftster.
I've never done this before and it was really fun!
Kind of zen to use a brush and paint....

FiberAlchemist's (my swap partner) fave Doctors are 4, 7, 11, and 5.
I also LOVE these so I couldn't choose.
It was just killing me to even try, so I incorporated all of them.

As this was my first pair, I didn't feel comfortable enough to paint on the eyelets or tongue area.
(I'm sure there's some technical name, sheesh!)
I didn't get a picture, but I found some TARDIS Blue shoelaces to solve my dilemma.

Materials Used:
Walmart Special $5 White Sneakers
Acrylic Craft Paint
Grandparents to watch my kids
Krylon Sealant Spray
(which made the little touches of Sharpie Marker run in a few spots)

BIG THANKS goes out to chughes225 for letting me pick her brain.
She made some KILLER Harry Potter Shoes.
Here's the link to her project page....Harry Potter Shoes by chughes225 on craftster!!!

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  1. these are completely genius!
    i would think your swap partner would be too in love with them to wear them and *gasp* get them dirty... they belong on a shelf with some dedicated fancy lighting!


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