Tuesday, October 8, 2013

It's a Thrift Store Miracle!

It's not often you find EXACTLY what your looking for at the Thrift Store....

Usually you wander in and fate takes over whether or not something catches your eye enough to buy.
But every once in a blue moon fate smiles on you.

Morgan and I went in looking for Junie B. Jones books and we found 8 of them!!!

Her 1st grade class is reading them and she's become enthralled. So much so we're now working on a Halloween Costume!

I found these "fake" "fashion" glasses at Target so we're well on our way!
What are you fine people doing for costumes in your house?


  1. nice score at the thrift!

    morgan is going to make *the* perfect junie b. jones!!

    lily's being gandalf the grey and i'm going to be medusa! "don't look at me, i'm hideous!!"
    not sure about brian yet... lily wants him to be delores umbridge, but he hasn't committed yet...

  2. No way! She looks exactly like Junie B. Jones!!!! All her friends will be so jealous.
    Tip: charge your friends candy to let them try on the glasses..... :D
    Not sure what I'm going to be. Maybe I'll crochet a beard or something. :3


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