Thursday, October 17, 2013

Rolling Pin Shower Gift!

My good friend Jessie got married last summer and what do you know....
I made her a gift that could also be entered into the Craftster Summer Nerd Games!
The prompt was "Romance v/s Horror"
I chose "Horror"

There was a Rolling Pin on her registry, I couldn't resist making a cozy for it.
You've gotta have a little kitchen towel to match! Every good little housewife knows this!

This is where the HORROR comes in.
Becoming a happy homemaker was not on her list of "things to be". 
As a proud happy homemaker myself, I thought I'd sew up some snarky fun for her very traditional gift she herself had registered for.
Heh. Heh.....

Here's an action shot!

Here's the whole gift package I put together for her. 

Jessie's favorite thing when she was in her 'teens was Purple Rain.

When it purple rains, it purple pours!

I also included a little kitchen towel.
With my gel fabric marker, I drew a little snark onto it.

get it? tee hee!
I love making unexpected things.
I also give myself extra points for making myself laugh in the process.

Have a happy homemaker day!!!


  1. ha! this is fanatastic!! i too love that tea towel!!
    you always give the best gifts!!!


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