Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Princess Leia Headband!

So, yes....this is what I believe is the best thing ever!
I made Morgan some Princess Leia Buns!

There was some yarn, a wide headband, and major amounts of Glue required for this little piece of head gear.

I mostly took my cues from Nicole over at Tikkido.com (here's the direct link )

The most inspired part is the felt circles to have something for the "buns" to keep their "bun-ie" shape on.
I both glued and tacked the buns to the felt.

Where I differed from the tutorial was the actual headband.
I wanted an allover look, not just buns sticking out from no-where.....
So I glued the beejeezus out of the top of the headband with little strips of yarn.

Actually, before I glued it on I cut my yarn strips grabbed a little strip of felt and machine sewed a seam (hair part) straight down the middle. A small detail, but I loved the effect.

Glue GLOBS were inevitable for me that day.

Here are some actions shots:

Even that Will got in on the act!

And so another cosplay item gets added to our ever expanding bin of dress up clothes.
May the Force be with you!

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  1. oh blairsey... everything in this post is genius! of course i love the old school leia buns the most... and your little vikings sporting their starwars-a-rific hairdos are just the icing on the cake!
    stop being so awesome!
    oh wait, you can't!!


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