Thursday, January 31, 2013

Prayer Flags

This is a swap post!
I entered into the Prayer Flag Round 2 Swap on and opted for 2 partners.
If you're not familiar with these Flags, they are around 5x8ish inches and often have little inspirational words/phrases on them.
Here's a link for an awesome blog all about it.

My partners were "playswithneedles" and "sharalee"

Here's Sharalee's

Her theme was Breast Cancer Awareness and I choose the word "believe" from her list.
I tried a new technique with fabric marker to get the watercolor paint look.

Then I did free motion embroidery on the sewing machine for the background fabric to get the squiggly outlines.

Then Playswithneedles flag

She chose a nature theme and I picked "let go" from her phrase/word list.
Free motion embroidery was implemented again for the big leaf...

I used my stamps in brown for the letterage, but the ink wasn't coming out dark enough.
I then took my copper sharpie marker to darken the letters.

The bunting was book pages out of a Hardy Boys book the spine had already come off of.
Sewing paper is fun! I'm going to have to look into that a bit more soon!!!

Here they are, my round 2 creations. 

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  1. these are fabulous blair!
    your free motion embroidery is amazing!! i absolutely love that leaf!


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