Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Lady Rainicorn Scarf

I present Lady Rainicorn....in crochet!
From Adventure Time, Lady Rainicorn is the lady-friend of Jake the Dog, companion of choice of Princess Bubblegum; ruler of the Candy Kingdom in the Land of Ooo, and all around awesome gal brave and true.

I hooked this scarf up for Miss Morgan as a Christmas gift...but Miss Morgan is sneaky and spied me just finishing up the sewing on of the yellow felt mane.

Sneaky Morgan!

I didn't really have a pattern for this. I went off of a ripple pattern in the Vogue Patterns Volume: Crochet (I can't remember the number...) and for the face, eye, and horn I hooked by trial and error.  

Miss Morgan wasn't too keen on wearing Lady Rainicorn as a scarf, it was a bit long for her admittedly. 
I opted to drape the scarf on Morgan's curtains as if she was flying around her room!

Like I said, Morgan was un-keen on using this scarf for its intended purpose...
Until the temperature here in Minnesota reached an ungodly -5 degrees Fahrenheit! 
Now, she LOVES to wrap the magical stripes 3 times around her neck and face.

I can breathe a little easier knowing Morgan's face is protected by the rowdy queen!

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  1. bwahaha! i love this scarf!
    and i'm glad miss morgie decided she likes to wear it, i bet she looks rockin' awesome!


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