Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Crochet Lalaloopsy Hats!

I hooked up 5, count 'em 5, of these hats and I must say I'm pretty proud of me.
We have 5 little girl cousins all under the age of 9 around us for the holidays, so I thought in one way or another these would be enjoyed.

I went off of a basic hat pattern sized for kids and used Vanna's Choice in Beige for the skin.

The hair was made from whatever I had in my stash and ranged from Super Saver to Simply Soft. 
I can now say with complete confidence I can do a crochet spiral in my sleep!

For the eyes I used some BIG buttons, hot pink felt for the cheeks, and black worsted weight yarn for the mouths and eyelashes.

While I adore the idea of Lalaloopsy and the look being all crafty cool,
I'm not a fan of the full on plastic the dolls are constructed from. 
This was my compromise with Morgan...
not that she ever said she wanted one.
To be honest, I thought they could be made and I wanted the challenge.

As with Mount Everest, i did it because it was there.
heh heh.


  1. okay, timeout.
    you didn't tell me that you *invented* this pattern?!?!?!

    well now i love these hats even more.
    (which i didn't think would be possible.)

    ps - the red one is clearly the best.

    1. RED! Morgan has received lots of compliments at school from both kids AND teachers. I guess there is a boy who can't stop pulling the curls...that stinker! I had to go back and machine sew reinforce the pigtails. Those things are never coming off now!

  2. How would you feel if I told you someone was using your photo to sell lalaloopsy hats and does not specify that the photo is not her actual work? I have contacted a couple other about this too.The page is a fb page called Crochetstuff Any Age. I was going to buy a doll just so I could see how it was made and turns out that wasn't her photo either, not sure what I would have actually gotten if I had ordered it.

    1. Thanks for the heads up!
      I'll be checking this out for sure!!!

      You are my patronus today. ;)

    2. You're welcome. I just don't understand how people can sell crochet items when they won't even take actual pics of their own stuff. She has one of The Lovely Crows up too and you can tell it has been altered to remove the words. The doll I asked about turned out to be Niftyniffer's pic from ravelry.

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  4. I love love love these! =) I am perplexed as to how you made the hair. Could I convince you to share your secret?? =) I would be eternally grateful! =) Ty very much for any tips you can give. I am making something else and I am looking to wow my fellow loomers =D Be well!!

    1. chain 35 and double crochet into the 4th chain from hook, do 3 more double crochets in the same chain and then continue doing 4 double crochets in every chain till end. You then coil the spirals around. Done! enjoy.

    2. Thanks! I was wondering about the curls too. :) I'm going to attempt to make these hats for my nieces 5th birthday party!


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