Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Happy New Year!

So, it's officially 3:04 in the morning and officially the year 2013.
I'm not awake because of any awesome celebrating or whoopin' it up with champagne.
My Will has some kind of post nasal drip thing (most of the family has now caught a cold that like a Christmas fruitcake, no one wants but it gets passed around anyway) and his stomach muscles hurt from all the coughing he's doing.

Let me repeat that.

The poor 3 year old's stomach muscles hurt. Not his nose, not a sore throat, not even an icky tummy due to drainage...

He's breaking my heart and is SO my handsome New Years Date.

Will this fall at the Pride Fest Parade


  1. Happy New Year Blair! I hope 2013 brings lots of happiness and crafty-amazingness your way. Sorry to hear your little boy is poorly, hope he's fully recovered very soon x

  2. boo. so sorry to hear y'all were sick.
    here's to leaving all that behind and moving on to a happy healthy 2013!!


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