Monday, February 4, 2013

Elusive Lego Series 9!

I have been on a mission.

I am in search of those darn Series 9 Minifigs!

My friend, Chris from West Virgina already has about 1/2 of the series.

I've tried a few places in the past few days.

C&S Supply: NADA! They said they probably won't be getting anything until spring because Walmart buys it all up.

Walmart: No dice! I called and they said they haven't heard from the Lego rep in months.

Target: Uh, uh! I just got off the phone with them and they replied it series 9 wasn't even showing up in their system.

Perhaps a Lego conspiracy is afoot?
I know, I could go online and get them. But.... there's just something great about the embarrassed looks I get to give when people spy me standing in a store feeling up these blind bags for distinguishing shapes.

Call me crazy, wait scratch that. Call me dedicated!

They're forming an official protest march downstairs.
Just look at Sumo Guy! HE'S GETTING MAD!


  1. man! i've been looking too, though not as dedicatedly as you.
    and now you're telling me they're no where in town.
    maybe we need to take a road trip to the cities?!?!?!

  2. Good luck with your hunt! I've just got my hands on the mermaid and woodland archer girl (fav figure ever!). We're lucky in the UK, they're everywhere. Let me know if you ever need me to send any over the pond :)

    1. Lucky Lady!
      I got a tip from a friend the minifigs are at the Mall of America Lego store.
      Melissa (see above comment-er-er) and I may run up there soon. Only about an hour drive.
      Thanks for the offer, I was this close to taking you up on it.
      I would've won the prize for "Minifigs that traveled the longest to get to their destination" for sure!
      Maybe if we all end up with duplicates we can swap for what we need?


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