Monday, February 11, 2013

Winter Scarves

In the Winter Scarf Swap on craftster I had the privilege to knit for Thimbles71.

Signing up for this swap, I kind of always had in mind to do an Infinity Scarf. I'd never knit one before and I really like the way they look.

Thimbles said she didn't have any cowls or infinities, but liked them and wanted to give them a whirl.

So, I made both for her.

 The White Infinity Scarf is done on #13's with a white worsted and chenille knit together.
If memory serves, I did a 1x2 rib pattern for 48 inches or so.
Did a little twist, then joined the 2 ends with a single crochet stitch.

I think this might be my new fave stash buster scarf!

Now for the cowl.
I had noticed on my partner's pinterest hedgehogs were popping up here and there. Inspiration hits!
I had also never done DOUBLE KNITTING before (Oooooo...double knitting...)

This cowl did not start out life as a cowl. 
The plan was to do a scarf and have the hedgehogs go all the way through.
I had gotten 1/2 way through the motif and realized this was going to be WAY to wide.
After consulting with Lisa and Melissa (my crafty guru bouncing ideas off of lady-friends extraordinaire), we 
came up with the cowl. I just picked up the stitches on the sides and did a basket weave pattern to the appropriate length cowl-wise.
Did some button holes for a join and found some really cool black/white buttons at Joanns. They reminded me of Sherlock's Wallpaper.  
(Totally forgot to take pics of those! Bad crafter!)

Here's the other side.

Voila! Double knitting! 
This makes it reversible, but I think the hedgehog looks a bit "sheepish" on this side.
Hmmmm, what else can I double knit?

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  1. ooooh... that infinity scarf looks completely soft and snuggly! just like wearing a cloud!
    and oh the hedgie, could he be any cuter?

    i vote you figure out a project where you have to double knit a totoro!'


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