Friday, November 30, 2012

Sherlock Apron Set!

Another Craftster Swap !
This time it was "Holmes for the Holidays".
I love BBC Sherlock and that was the theme, all Sherlockian wonderfulness was included actually...but I have a super soft spot for the BBC show.
My partner stated in her questionnaire she would like something wearable so I opted to do an apron/hot pad set.
(The hot pads will appearing in a post here soon. This post is all about the apron)

I mashed up about 4 different aprons I found on the Internet and for the basic shape made a freezer paper pattern of an apron I already had.

Oh, and guess what?
The apron is reversible!

First the Sherlock side:
I found this fabric at JoAnns. It was so reminiscent of Sherlock's apartment wallpaper I about squealed in the store!
The second side is Moriarty!
I loved the little pin dots on the black fabric. Subtle, yet our Moriarty.

The pockets for each side I pulled off with my "go to" fabric markers.

The bottom skirt has box pleats and for not doing too many of those in my life, turned out pretty good.
I think Mrs. Hudson would be proud!


  1. mrs. hudson would be super impressed with your mad skills!

    if i was forced to choose, i'd have to say i like the sherlock side better... but only if i was *forced* to choose...


    1. I wouldn't want to mess with Mrs. Hudson. England would fall!


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