Tuesday, November 20, 2012


We all have hearts and sometimes they break for people you don't even know.
This happened to me after seeing all the devastation in the aftermath of this most recent weather "event".

I wanted to craft SOMETHING for these people, because that is where I believe my talents lie.

I first went to make it better: craftalong for sandy relief and started crocheting and sewing fleece like crazy. Then on the day I was to ship I went to the site for the shipping address.....but alas there was a deadline date added that I wasn't aware of.

Not to be too disheartened, I did some searching as the crafty goods were going to be donated no matter what may. (I'm really not typing in my normal inner voice today...seems kind of flowery wordage....oh well run with it!)

I came across Socks for Sandy which benifits more New Jersey. With each passing day I become more and more impressed with Gov. Christy! (He was genius on Saturday Night Live Weekend Update BTW)

So, here are the hats and scarves and neckwarmers I've crafted. They also have a list of new things (underware, pajamas, and the like) which I'll be sending along as well. 

  I felt so good while crafting this. I think a New Year's Resolution may be to do more charitible crafting......


  1. wowza blair! that's an amazing collection of handknit love!
    good on you!!

    1. Got the package shipped off last Friday, and had warm fuzzies for the rest of the day.


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