Monday, November 19, 2012

A Wee Bit O' Autumn

Every year I take the kids to this amazing pumpkin patch nearby called "HAY! By George".

Great name, I know!

What's even better than the name is the payment is on the honor system. They have this drop box for the money, so there's no one pestering you wondering why you are taking a million pictures but only leaving with one pumpkin.
I usually leave more than the listed suggestion price...mainly for the hassle-free environment.

Here's a sampling of this years pumpkin love...

And then we got home and of course the carving had to begin immediately!


Success! We made it through another year and everyone's smiling...even pumpkin guy.


  1. super super cute!
    we love hay! by george as well. y'all's pumpkin turned out adorable.

    1. Update on the pumpkin:
      Due to the changing weather, we got some wicked mold growing inside.
      Morgan got a lesson on breathing in spores and the bad things that might happen with that.


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