Thursday, November 22, 2012

Big Blanket DONE!!!

So in my previous post "Starting to Look Like a Thing" , I showed a peek of
the beginning of my blanket.
I finished it!
It's pretty long. What I failed to take into consideration was I was using worsted
used more of a sport weight.
It didn't help the situation when I added about 70 stitches across to accomodate
for a queen size bed.
Hers was for a "full".

It's going to be a comfy thing for sure, and will totally keep my feet
nice and toasty at night!

I opted to add a fun border.
As long and weird as it may be,
I am so very happy with how my big fat granny stripe blankie turned out!


  1. oh.em.gee. blairsey! it's *gorgeous*!!!!!
    i love love love it!! and that border is beyond fabulous!

    happy thanksgiving to you and your charming family!!

  2. That looks great! I crochet but I can never seem to get up the motivation to do a project this big so I really admire others who can. It's so fun and bright and looks like it'll keep your feet warm for sure.

    1. THANK YOU!
      Normally I don't do the "big" projects either. I like completion in my life. :)
      The room just needed the cheering up so I had to commit. Now the daughter wants one....without the holes, she says.
      Silly girl!


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