Monday, November 26, 2012

New Plates!

For my 9 year anniversary (which is pottery in case you were curious) the husband wrote on a post-it then stuck said sticky paged miracle to one of the kids plates.
The post-it read:
"Should we get new plates?"
We should and we did!
At first, I wanted to go all fun Cath Kidston. But then I got overwhelmed with trying to find exactly what I wanted AND have the plates be dishwasher/microwave safe.

I felt like the pickiest person ever, and gave myself a headache.
I took the attitude instead to go basic white and then go for fun with accessories.


So off to Target I went!
We like to roll fancy around here.

A bonus that's occurred with the new plates is Morgan WANTS to eat off of them. I'm so ready to get rid of the non-stacking-well plastic plates the kids use. They have their use for sure, but I so like things to stack nicely. My hang-up....maybe I need some help?

Thank you Lee for a wonderful 9 years!
You are....awesome!
(bit of a private joke there, couldn't resist) 


  1. love your choice! can't go wrong with classic white!

    also love that table cloth... it's super awesome.


    1. I love the tablecloth oo. One of those blessed thrift store finds. I've been too afraid to use it with the sticky kids, though. Dare I be brave?


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