Saturday, April 13, 2013

Will's Fabulous Bedroom Makeover!

Well it's time.
Time to finally get rid of the convertible crib and turn my baby boy's room into a 4 year old big boy room.
4 years he's slept in that crib in one form or another and the poor kid's literally grown out of.
Rolled out of it.
Oh yes, then there was the time he, well the only way I can describe it is he sneezed himself out of it.

Morgan too.
She was the first tenant of the convertible crib.
We moved her to the Big Girl Trundle Day Bed when Sir William was well on his way.

Here are the Stinkers in their crib-lovin glory!
This was when she first learned to roll over and EVEN THEN couldn't pass up admiring herself in a mirror!

The Lady Morgan (so classy with the hair and aaaalmost doing the tripod with her fingers) gazing upon 
wee Sir William whilst his royal nap.
(Yes that is a batman shirt, and yes it did pass down to Will, and NO I'm never getting rid of it!)

For a while now, I've been thinking about what bed to get for the Willster.
His room isn't that big and I thought the Ikea KURA Reversible bed was awesome. I have a few friends who have it for their kids and they all LOVE IT!
Lee, alas, did not.

I tried some The Thrift and didn't really come up with anything that screamed "I NEED TO GO HOME WITH YOU AND MAKE A LITTLE BOY HAPPY!!!".

Then Lee came up with the genius whydidn'twethinkofthissooner idea.

Remember towards the beginning of this post I spoke of a trundle day bed in which we moved Morgan?
There's that stinkin' mattress underneath just sitting there on its own frame.
Just sitting there!

So we moved it into Will's room and the kids were lovin' it!

Really lovin' it!

Look at the air under Will. I swear he has air in his bones!

Had to stop to do a photoshoot.

Back to the crazy!

Quite the undertaking and I'll give room updates as they happen.

Oh, and if I didn't mention it...

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  1. fantastic!! it's trundle-a-rific!!

    and oh my baby will and baby morgie - too too stinkin cute!!


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