Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Angry Bird "Fan"

The quotation marks around the word "fan" in the title of this post is for the double meaning!
My kids have become huge fans of Angry Birds! HA!

Will's 4th Birthday is coming up soon and Morgan wanted to help decorate.

She has really embraced the joys of paper plates.

Even my yarn snips from knitted/crochet projects don't get thrown away around here.
They ALWAYS come in handy!

As for the actual game play...the kids haven't tried to make this an actual Angry Bird game.
That is to say, they haven't started throwing things at the fan to knock down the pigs.
Thank goodness for small favors!!!

Kid's Eye View

Here's how low they were hanging. For the party and the sake of my sanity of always hitting my head on them, we just flipped the yarn around the fan blade to raise them up.
Hopefully, I won't need to turn on the fan before then.

I swear we don't have a single electronic bird game of any shape or form in the house, and yet they're addicted. The birds are a force far beyond anything I can squelch.

Not that I would necessarily want to. Being that they can't drone zone over it Will and Morgan have had to get creative.

If you'll recall there was angry birds bowling a few months ago.

Hooray for Morgan and Paper Plates!!!


  1. So cute :) Creative genes must run in your family :)

  2. morgan is so freakin adorable!
    i am infact a fan of hers!!


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