Thursday, April 25, 2013

My Hero....Diaperbutt!

My Hero this week is Morgan.
She had a surgery to remove her adenoids and insert ear tubes. She is very brave and healing up perfectly.

I just had to stitch this up JUST FOR HER!

Now, you may recognize this from the movie "Wreck It Ralph". 
Will got the movie from the Easter Bunny and we've watched it more times than I can count.
Vanellope Von Schweetz, an adorable sassy little character in the movie, is Morgan and my new obsession.

I'm not sure if the following is necessarily a "SPOILER", or just a plot point.....
You've been warned!
Mr. Ralph is a bad guy who just wants to be perceived as good in the video game world. 
He wants a "good guy" medal and Ms. Von Schweetz decides to make one for him, out of delicious sweet stuff.

I did a new thing for me with this by adding a strip of grosgrain ribbon for hanging. 

The words are done with DMC White, all 6 strands, and stitched with a chain stitch.

Here's the back. I've been digging the ric-rac for finishing! 
If you go up a few images toward the beginning, you can see I glued some thinner ric-rac to the side of the hoop for added schweet-ness!

 This Hoop is a whopping 12 incher.
I typically stick around the 6-8 inch size. I wanted this hoopla to be big and bold and I think with the inclusion of felt hearts. 
Also, because My Morgan is so very BIG and BOLD!

Here's a little afterthought:

There's been talk of Vanellope joining the ranks of the Disney Princesses.

She's one princess I can get behind!


  1. well blairsey - you're my hero!
    this hoop turned out amazingly!! you rock!

  2. The hoop turned out awesome! Just like Morgan!


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