Monday, April 15, 2013

10th Kingdom "Virginia" Mitts!

The 10th Kingdom.
miniseries (wiki link) that aired on television in in the year 2000 and haunts me to this very day.
So much so, I watch the DVD I found at The Thrift once a year and was just involved in a craftster swap themed around it.

These are Fingerless Mitts I made for my partner inspired by Virginia's Long Amazing Jacket!

The pattern is "Optimistic Mitts" by Devon Joesting on Ravelry (rav link).
Fun pattern and the possibilities are endless! 
I choose the pattern because of the slight military look to mimic the style of Jacket.

Here's the inspiration!
Navy/Royal Blue with an amazing pop of Hot Pink lining and piping!

I really recommend trying to find this miniseries. I think I feel confident saying if you like the television show  "Once Upon a Time", you will like this. Clever, cute, and John Larroquette.
I repeat....

Night Court rules. (tee hee)

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  1. love the gloves!
    think i can borrow the dvd sometime?

    and ps - i loooooove night court!! "all rise. criminal court part2 is now in session, the honorable harold t. stone, presiding."


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