Monday, May 19, 2014

Zen Doodle for Belly Dancing Bravery!

So, this weekend I did something Brave.
I danced on front of people.
Belly Dancing.

I was pretty freaked out at the prospect,
I'd never taken a dance class in my life before last August.
Now I was going to do it.

I needed a token of the things that make me feel strong.

So I decided I could make a wrist band and zen doodle on it.
1. I found it DID give me strength
2. It kept my mind occupied in the hours 
leading up to dress rehersal.


I had the kids write their names and draw something that made 
them feel strong.
Morgan: MineCraft TNT
Will: A Football.

Then I drew my little strong pictures:
Honey Badger "I do what I want!"
The Hulk Symbol "Hulk SMASH!"

Lee was still at work, so I wrote his name in as well.

After that I Zen Doodled all around the aforementioned things.

The show went SO well!
I'm so glad I finally took the plunge and took a class.
I've met some super nice people and really stretched my limits.
Belly Dancing was and is all about breaking out of 
a rut for me. I LOVE it!
I love the outfits, the way I've used my muscles, the people....

My super good friend, Melissa, was the one who talked me into it 
and I'm so grateful she did.

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  1. no blair, THANK YOU for coming with me, i never would have been brave enough to do it on my own!
    you rocked the show and you rock every single week in class!!!
    i loved your armband, and your costumes, and your kickass shimmy!!!!!


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