Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Frozen Conspiring Hoopla!

This Hoopla is inspired by the Art of Steve Thompson.
And when I say "Art" it's because when I stumbled on the images of 
his drawings, I was obsessed.
I couldn't look away!

I stitched this for GrindHouseHussy19 in the Frozen Swap,
trying desperately to mimic his pencil sketching.
The way the sisters have their heads together as if they're sharing a giggle over
some silly thing Olaf is doing was so endearing....
I just had to stitch it up!

Here's a link to Rick Andrioli's Pinterest Board dedicated to Steve Thompson's 

Mr Thompson is a principal designer for the Disney Store.
Here's a couple of fun interviews with him from the D23 Blog:

I think his art is such a breath of fresh air...
just because you work at Disney doesn't mean you 
have to conform.

Check out his stuff, he's awesome!

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