Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Prayer Flags Round 4

Prayer Flag Swap: Round 4!
I love this swap in particular as it's a really quick project with
great impact.

We choose what meaningful phrases
we like and our swap partner choose one to craft up
in the general size of 8x5 inches.
(Initial cutting of fabric is 11x5 to allow for a foldover for hanging)

These flags were destined for Alwaysinmyroom.


Little did I know how much they might mean to her as
after I mailed them...
her aging mother died.

This being the week of Mother's Day too.

First flag was Trust.


I went for an "ocean at night" vibe
thinking how much sailors had to trust the stars to 
lead them on.


The blue eyelet lace for water was taken from scraps.
I"d disassembled a thrift store dress (that didn't fit)
for a belly dancing skirt and held on to every little piece
left over because I love the color. 

Then we have Strength.

The tree here is pretty self explanatory...
Just by happenstance purple, orange, and green was my 
partner's favorite color combination.
Sometimes things happen they way they were meant to.


I did hand applique for everything in both flags.
For some reason, I didn't want to be stuck behind my sewing machine.
I'm glad I wasn't as, I feel, it makes the flags more personal.

For all the Motherless Daughters out there,
myself included in that group,
I think these flags are for you.

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  1. these are fantastic! i love the tree, but oh the water at night has stolen my heart!
    it's completely wonderful!


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