Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Sherlockian Heart Hot Pads!

Here are the Hot Pads I made for the "Holmes for the Holidays" Swap (reciepient: Alchamy513) on Craftster that originally made an appearance in this post .
I got the pattern from The Purl Bee: heart shaped pot holders

Really easy directions for the sewing.
I just LOVE that red ticking fabric!!!

I do also have to say...
This is the best I've EVER done sewing bias tape!
I may no longer live in fear of it.

Thanks again, Mrs. Hudson. You are an inspiration to all!


  1. i love these!! you are a sherlock crafting genius!

    1. Thanks! I give all credit to Watson, he's the wind beneath my wings!

    2. watson is the wind beneath *everyone's* wings...


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