Thursday, December 6, 2012

Knitted Hood Teacher's Gift

This is another Teacher Christmas gift, this time for Miss Morgan's Kindergarten teacher.
We caught Mrs D., sans hat, while she was manning the crosswalk one particularly blustery day and ALL thought she could do with some warm knitted goodness atop her head.

The pattern is "Through the Woods" by Kalurah on Ravelry.
I thought it was well written an easy to follow. I especially LOVED the picture tutorials on the crochet cables!

I hope Mrs. D doesn't mind me trying on her hood for picture's sake!

This was such a fun project to hook, I started one for myself right away... IN RED!

Grandma, why are your teeth so big?

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  1. i love this!! morgan's teacher is going to be oh so thrilled!! she'll be *the* best dressed teacher on the crosswalk.


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