Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Hiatus Ho!

So the last post I wrote was in May.

I'm sincerely hoping everyone is having a wonderful summer, I know we are. 
Time has just simply had no meaning around here. The kids are able to not need me for every single little thing in the morning so I've been able to sleep in a bit. 
I took the kidz to LegoLand with Melissa and her daughter. 
Here's a link to her blog knitting sandwich on it: Oh my gosh you should check out this blog!

The kidz each had a weeklong camp: Morgan- Girly Glitter Art Camp and Will-YMCA Kindergarten Prep. 

I have not gotten a haircut for months and am in sore need of one!

But, I usually post about my craftiness, right?
Well...I still been crafty to a certain extent, but this is the first summer I'm not quite able to eek out time for the craftiness. 
In a way it's irritating, I've not had much of a creative outlet and sort of feel in a rut...
That's not to say I didn't participate in a craftster swap or two. (Tee Hee)

But, my current fun is going to be completely different. 
I've decided to do a 30 day drawing challenge I stumbled onto via The Pinterest!

This is double fun because it's also my first foray into Copic Markers. 
I invested in some Sepia shades to get me started. 

I'm pumped and just finished Day 1...
But I think I'll post that tomorrow. (wink!)

If anyone is still reading this thanks for sticking with me!!!

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  1. hooray for summertime fun!!!!!
    i feel in a crafting rut too... blarg! perhaps we need to get together and do something completely off the wall crafty!!
    i'm exited for your sketchings!! but what the heck is a coptic marker?!?!


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