Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Drawing Challenge Day 7: Fave Movie

Day 7
Fave Movie

I've loved this movie For-Ev-Er!
I remember seeing it in the theatre when it came out.
Dad was super excited about the tactic of the 3 endings...
We saw the Mr. Green ending...

which when the video came out,
it was the 3rd and final ending,
and I felt was the "real" ending making me quite smug.

(even though I had nothing to do whatsoever
with the making of the movie and I was 10 years old.)

This is my favorite scene, and quoting it brings me 
no end of joy seeing if people "get it" or not.

That's when I know I've found someone truly special!

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  1. well, i hesitate to say this, because you might not like me anymore... but i don't like this movie.
    there, i said it! i can't stand tim curry!
    there! i said *that*!!

    i hope we can still be friends...


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