Saturday, September 21, 2013

Mat Cauthon Hoopla!

A staggeringly huge 3 incher of a Hoopla!
It might be safe to say Matrim Cauthon is my favorite character
in the epic book series The Wheel of Time; written by Robert Jordan.

Mat LOVES to gamble with the dice.....and hears them rolling in 
his head when a decision has to be made. 
Also, he is quite the Han Solo of the series: he has a mouth on him 
and "Blood and Bloody Ashes" is kind of a swear phrase in the books.

Sort of like saying "Well "F" ME!" 
Nynaeve would not be pleased.

I entered this in 2 Craftster things in August.
Craftster was having it's 10th anniversary so the Aug Hoopla challenge was 
"The number 10"
There are 10 pips on the die and Mat is prominetly featured on the 10th book in the series.

Which leads us to the Nerd Games Challenge.
August Wordy: Craft your favorite Book.

Just look at that swagger.
It's as if he's saying...
"Who's scruffy lookin'?"


  1. ha! oh matrim... i'm more of a perrin gal myself, but i'm only on book 5, maybe by 10 i'll have changed my mind?

    loving the stitch details on the die, fantastic job my friend!

  2. j'adore! Mat grew on me, I was a Rand-fan in the beginning, but as each of the boys grew...Mat just stole my heart.


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