Tuesday, September 3, 2013


Just got back from Miss Morgan's 1st grade-before school starts-conference.

She is going to be the proud inhabitant of a LOCKER for the first time!

Now the pinterest addict in me wants to start a board all for school locker decoration.

Here's a selection from Locker Lookz . 
Does that first locker have a chandelier?!!

Super cute tutorial on a locker organizer over at Sophie's World.
Made from a shoebox lid AND I get to incorporate duct tape?
Sign me up!

I have some research to do here.
The goal of today is:
1. Don't go overboard.
2. Remember this is not MY locker, it's MORGAN's 

Both important goals...
Perhaps the more important is the second one.

As I type this an epiphany has smacked me...
Let's wait a few weeks and let her get settled. 
If she wants to glam up (note to self: pinterest search "glamping") her space and asks for help, then I'll be there with duck tape, magnets, and hot glue gun in my Crafty Batman Utility Belt.

Until then, keep my crafty mouth shut!

(note to self: make a Crafty Batman Utility Belt out of duct tape.)


  1. man, this makes me wish you *did* have a locker!!!
    you'd have THE most awesome locker in the whole school!!

    1. Mee too!

      Maybe if I did have a locker I would be as cool as this girl...


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