Monday, March 18, 2013

Soot Sprite Sunglasses Case!

Soot Sprites (wiki link), have been on my brain lately.
We've recently becomed obsessed with My Neighbor Totoro in our house!

As Will has really been great with his glasses, I've been looking into crafty accessories.
How simple to decoupage fun-ness on a hard glasses case from the thrift!

This particular case I made for Queenofmarigold in IYPR22 Swap. 
(Totoro was one of our themes)

I used old phone book strips for the background and grosgrain ribbon (cut in 1/2) for the trim.
The Sprites and Stars are drawn on with my Sharpies!
Or "Mom Markers" as they're called around here. 

This turned out to be such a relaxing thing, I'm excited to make one for 
the car, his bedroom, my bedroom, the swim bag, his backpack, grandma's house......
(I'm sure I'm forgetting a bunch of nooks and crannys)

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  1. "blair. your creativity and dedication to all the nerdy things i love makes you by far my favorite crafter," she said.


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