Friday, March 22, 2013

Psych Mug Rug!

I made a Mug Rug For Ms. Averia in the IYP R22 Swap!

Psych has consistently been one of my favorite shows. It's so silly and goofy!
It's also how Averia and I came to be craftster buddies. We were paired up in the Psych Swap a few years ago (YEARS! EEK!) and I think of her as a "Psycho Kindred Spirit".

I used my trusty fabric markers for the image.

The backing fabric is from leftover fabric from a Morgan skirt I up-cycled from a Thrift Store Pillowcase.
I've gotten a great deal out of that 25 cents!

Psych just started their 7th season on the USA channel.
I highly recommend it for a silly sleuthing good time!!! 

Here, they'll introduce themselves....

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