Monday, March 4, 2013

Selleck Drink Coasters!

I sewed these quilted coasters for BoyceMachine in the Spell Your Name R6 Swap! Way back in 2011!

Again, Fabric Marker Love goin' on here.
I printed out a t-shirt Magnum PI era image and cut out a stencil from that. I want to say this was my very first foray into fabric marker obsession.

This was where I found out that these markers don't actually run when wet.
I had to test it out, I just HAD TO!
Sometimes, I don't trust labels.

Here's the opening theme...I DARE you not to watch it!
If the video doesn't work here's a link to awesomeness!
(This is my first try at sticking a you tube video to a post...he he)

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  1. ha! i love these coasters!
    and i love magnum!! tom sellek looks like such a baby in the intro! i always loved tc the best, probably because he got to drive that awesome helicopter!


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