Thursday, September 11, 2014

Drawing Challenge Day 22: Something You Miss

Day 22: Something You Miss


My Caffeinated Tale of Woe.
A year ago or so,
I had the usual tests done for Cholesterol
and Triglycerides.

I did not do well on these tests.
Changes needed to be made!

My preferred method of coffee-making at the time
was a French Press.
I LOVED my French Press.
I wrote poems about it.
I adored the mechanics and ceremony of brewing in it.

In my googling of ways to lower Triglycerides,
I discovered you could lower them by using a paper filter with your coffee.
Something to do with an oil that paper filters off the foil filters don't.

But, I thought, I use a French Press!
I went downstairs to my conventional Coffee Maker
(kept there for when my dad visits) and there was the cache of filters.

I painstakingly cut filters to size.

Ok, this is going way too long about the French Press...
Perhaps I should've sketched a picture of that instead?

Long story short (too late)
I also went to 1/2 caf and eventually cut out coffee altogether.

My numbers went down CONSIDERABLY!

I drink tea now.
Tea is good...
Earl Grey rules.

But I still keep coffee, for guests I tell myself,
but the true reason is to open that cabinet in which the coffee is kept
and take a big sniff.
Just smelling it is enough to relax and invigorate.

I miss you coffee.
I hope you're doing well.

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  1. for never was a tale more of woe, than this of blair an her french press...

    my hat is off to you, i don't know if i could give up coffee... i love tea, but coffee... swoon. you're a better person than i.


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