Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Drawing Challenge Day 20: Something Orange

Day 20: Something Orange

Today was "Something Orange"
I was "shocked" there was not a single Orange Marker in 
my budding Copic Collection.

One quick jaunt to Michael's later...

This spattering of circles, 
while orange,
may look like a bunch of oranges...

But there was something else I wanted to try 
and that's blending.
(Especially after getting my Colorless Blender!)

After watching a few tutorials I gave it a try,
noting which techniques used.

Thanks to Anika for the "Dot" idea.
Thanks to Melissa for being my "Marker Inabler".

Speaking of Melissa,
she's doing a Photo a Day challenge on her Instagram...
Her challenge was "Something Orange" too!

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  1. i love how much fun you're having with your new markers!
    you're like a kid at christmas!
    or a kid in a candy shop!
    or a kid who got a marker shop for christmas!!


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