Monday, July 16, 2012

Adventure? Excitement? A Jedi craves not these things.

COMIC CON 2012!!!!!!!

So, this weekend was Comic Con 2012 in San Diego. No, I didn't attend but I find myself with feelings like the afternoon of Christmas Day. I watched it on G4 (John Barrowman was perfect!), followed my peeps (sci fi celebs) on Twitter, and obsessed.
Now it's over.

I'm filled with conflict.
While I'm seething with jealousy for people who may have gotten to see Nathan Fillion speed by on a scooter, I am not a fan of crowds.
I'm thinking a anxiety attack would have had me just sat in one spot and people watching.

And OH the people watching!
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So, I'm going to look at the "pros" of not attending the mecca of nerd culture:

1. I hear it really smells there. You get THAT many people in one place, most in heavy costumes, and the body odor runs rampant. Not to mention the majority of people will let the toots fly thinking the odds of someone pinning it to them are astronomical.

2. I did not have to wait in line for the bathroom. Well, I did once. The little princess, prince, and husband made the trifecta of stinky bathroom ick at the same time. Better to wait, I say.

3. Parking was a breeze!

4. Own bed, own pillow, own shower!

5. While I'm sure every star I love is super nice and friendly, they get to always remain that way in my imagination. :)

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I loved my own version of Super Bowl weekend and can't wait until next year. I should start stocking up on Nutty Bars now....

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